African Union Interns and Employees Share Their Success Stories

Perseverance Pays Off

Joy, a former intern at the African Union, shared her success story despite facing financial challenges.

She stated that the internship program at the African Union is one of the most competitive in Africa, and she had applied three times before she got selected.

According to Joy, her financial challenge almost caused her to miss out on the internship program, as she didn’t have the funds to travel to Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, where the African Union is headquartered.

African Union Interns and Employees Share Their Success Stories 3

However, she refused to give up and sought financial aid from her church and family members until she was able to raise enough funds to complete the program.

Joy’s persistence made her stand out amongst other interns and resulted in her being offered a role at the African Union headquarters.

Determination and Skillset

Sade, an AU employee, shared how hard work is crucial when working at the AU, and how determination and a particular skillset will help in achieving success.

Sade worked as an administrative assistant for six years before getting promoted to program officer.

Her job involved collaborating with seven different departments within the African Union and she revealed that she had acquired knowledge of the inner workings of the department by investing time and effort in learning every aspect of the job.

According to her, having knowledge alone is not sufficient to excel as an African Union employee, but the desire to succeed and advance in your chosen career path is the key to opening doors to opportunities and success.

Networking Is Key

Bolu, another African Union employee, shared how her networking skills played a significant role in her career success.

Bolu began as an intern while still studying in her final year at the University of Lagos. She used the connections she made during her internship to secure a job after graduation, which led to her being recommended for an opening in the work plan, strategy, and operational initiatives department.

According to Bolu, networking and building relationships helped her in reaching out to colleagues within the organization and others in related fields. Able to exchange ideas and knowledge to help her develop the necessary skills that assisted her to rise to her current role as an adviser to the African Union Commissioner.

Being Proactive: Take Ownership of Your Career Path

Aisha, an African Union employee, stated that being proactive and taking ownership of your career path would lead to career success.

Her advice is to take an active role in personal and professional growth, networking, seeking feedback, learning continuously, developing new skills and finding more ways to add value within the organization.

She has spent eighteen months in the finance department and has delivered great results, which led to her being asked to lead a team of people responsible for project management in the same department.

According to her, proactivity allows individuals to have control over their career development and be able to take advantage of opportunities that arise, both within and outside of the organization.


In conclusion, the African Union intern and employee success stories demonstrate the importance of hard work, determination and acquiring the necessary skills.

Networking and proactivity is essential in career development growth and ensuring that opportunities are recognized and maximized. Want to expand your knowledge on the topic? Access this carefully selected external resource and discover additional information.!

The African Union is an organization that provides a great opportunity for individuals who are invested in working hard to achieve success in their chosen career path.

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