Customizing Your HR Workflows with Workstem’s Flexible Configuration

Customizing Your HR Workflows with Workstem's Flexible Configuration 3

The Importance of HR Workflows

HR workflows refer to the set of processes and procedures that govern the management of employees within a company. HR workflows are critical for organizations as they ensure that all processes and procedures related to HR management are structured, efficient, and standardized. Without a clear HR workflow, companies may find themselves struggling to manage employee information, handle employee grievances, or process employee requests. This is where Workstem’s platform can help by offering flexible workflow configurations.

The Benefits of Customizing HR Workflows

When standard workflows aren’t sufficient enough to represent your company’s procedures, customization is key in ensuring accuracy and efficiency in providing employees with their needs. A tailored HR workflow provides the ability to match the procedures with the company’s needs and, as a result, reduces any redundancies in the system. Companies can also use this process to integrate their core values and goals, ensuring that every employee is aware of the company’s objectives. Companies can change the forms in Workstem’s HR platform with the Drag and Drop function, which helps the HR teams to categorize employees into groups and manage multiple groups in one go.

Using Workstem’s Flexible Configuration to Customize Workflow

Workstem provides its users with a flexible configuration feature which enables the customization of specific workflows for its users. The Workstem platform offers HR managers the ability to configure workflows, forms, and permissions that are unique to their organization, without any technical knowledge. The data entry format allows HR managers to handle specific business workflows such as attendance, payroll, and other HR-related functions to meet different needs.

Applying this platform results in a more diverse and inclusive HR management experience. By tailoring employee requests, HR managers can provide faster responses to employee inquiries, eliminating any potential delays in the process. Customizing workflows also helps to maintain consistency in handling employee needs, eliminating chances of confusion or misinterpretations of the company’s procedures.

Real-life Examples of Customizable HR Workflows

Customizable HR workflows have many diverse applications, and here are two examples of how Workstem’s platform can be utilized to adapt to two different business settings:

Example 1: Retail Business

For retail businesses, it’s not enough to only categorize the employees based on the employee type. The employee sub-type is also important, such as full-time,part-time or seasonal employees. Retail businesses also require the categorization of the employee’s schedules to accommodate every employee’s preferences. By using Workstem’s platform, companies can create relevant forms for its retail employees that fit their business needs. By choosing the correct settings, HR managers can manage every employee’s data and guarantee proper categorization of information, reducing the likelihood of payroll mistakes.

Example 2: Education Business

The education industry is special in its unique requirements, including the categorization of employees based on teaching-level, education-level, and job position. Most importantly, educational institutes also must pay close attention to the number of working hours, the variety of time-management systems, as well as the attendance and performance records. By configuring the data entry system with Workstem, HR managers can ensure every employee’s timely attendance, which will reduce the mismatch in teacher-student-staff schedules. Employing Workstem’s platform guarantees a timely and professional attendance management system, reducing the likelihood of higher administration costs for the school. To enjoy a comprehensive learning journey, explore this thoughtfully chosen external site. There, you’ll find additional and valuable information about the subject. Human Resources System!


Customized HR workflows powered by Workstem’s platform can improve an organization’s HR management and add business value in several ways. By integrating the platform’s flexible configurations, HR managers can better manage employee data and efficiently handle HR-related activities, from attendance and performance to the settlement of payroll. The increased accuracy, reliability and efficiency that customizing HR workflows can bring, will inevitably lead to more time and resources being spent on the employee’s professional growth and development, strengthening both employee trust and company’s success in the long-run.

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