Mastering Custom Brushes in Procreate

Mastering Custom Brushes in Procreate 3

The Basics of Custom Brushes

Procreate is a powerful and versatile digital painting app that has revolutionized the way artists work on the go. With a variety of built-in brushes and infinite design possibilities, it can be overwhelming for beginners to navigate. However, customizing brushes in Procreate can be a game changer. Creating or editing brushes allows artists to tailor their work to their specific preferences and styles, yielding more precise and efficient results.

The Brush Library

Before diving into custom brushes, you should familiarize yourself with the pre-existing brush library in Procreate. The Brush Library contains over 130 brushes, categorized by type, such as pencils, inks, painting, and effects. Each brush has settings that can be adjusted, such as stroke, blend mode, opacity, and more. Additionally, Procreate’s Brush Library is consistently updated with new sets of brushes, and to access all of them, you can go to the App Store and search for Procreate brushes. Aiming to enhance your understanding of the topic? Check out this external resource we’ve prepared for you, offering additional and relevant information to expand your comprehension of the topic. procreate classes!

Creating Custom Brushes

The Brush Studio in Procreate is where the magic happens. This is where you can create new brushes, edit existing ones, or even import brushes from other artists. To create a new brush, tap the plus sign in the upper right-hand corner of the Brush Library. From there, you can choose a brush shape, texture, and other settings. Play around with different settings and test your brush out on a new canvas to see how it looks. You can even watch tutorials or take courses that teach you more in-depth about creating custom brushes in Procreate.

Editing Existing Brushes

Editing existing brushes in Procreate can save time and give you more creative control. While you may need to create some custom brushes from scratch, there may be times when you like a particular brush but want to change how it behaves slightly. To do this, simply go to the Brush Studio, select a brush, and edit its settings. The changes you make will apply to your brush immediately, allowing you to see and test your adjustments in real-time.

Importing Custom Brushes

Procreate has made it easy to share and import custom brushes across platforms and devices. Many artists have shared their custom brushes online, creating an endless supply of possibilities. If you find a brush online that you like, save the file and email or Airdrop it to yourself. Once downloaded, open the file in Procreate, and the Brush Set will be added to your Brush Library. From there, you can try out the new brushes and even customize them further to fit your needs.

Troubleshooting Custom Brushes

Creating custom brushes is a learning process, and it’s common to experience some frustration or setbacks along the way. If you find that your custom brush isn’t behaving the way you want it to, try troubleshooting. Ensure that the brush’s settings are correct by checking its pressure curve, spacing, or brush tip shape. If necessary, you can always start from scratch or look up tutorials to help you along the way. Remember, practice makes perfect! Access this recommended external website to discover extra and complementary information about the topic covered. Our dedication is to offer a fulfilling learning journey. procreate app tutorial!


Custom brushes in Procreate can help artists take their digital painting to the next level. They provide a versatile, time-saving, and efficient way to create unique and personalized artwork. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different brush settings and techniques until you find the perfect combination that fits your creative needs.

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